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Council Tax increase in MK leaves residents £500 worse off says Conservatives

Conservative Press Release: MK residents are facing a 3.75% increase in their Council Tax bills, taking the average household annual bill to an eye-watering £1,900 as the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council are set to bulldoze their 8th consecutive council tax increase through the Council chambers.

That means that residents are set to be £500 worse off than in 2014, when the Conservatives last controlled MK Council.

It also comes at a tough time where many households are feeling the pinch with rising rents, mortgages, and energy bills.

Local Conservatives have responded to the huge increase saying that people “pay more, but get less” under Labour and the Liberal Democrats, adding that the Council are cutting weekly recycling collections and slashed bus services, but expect residents to stump up more cash regardless.

They added that the Conservative government have boosted Council coffers with nearly £600 million in government support in the last two years.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Council Group, said:

“This rise will mark the eighth time in eight years that the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council will increase the tax-load on residents, at a time where that same Council is cutting services and providing less value for money than ever before.

Taxpayers will yet again be forced to cough up their hard-earned cash to pay for this Council’s wasteful spending which have included paying for moss on the walls, grass on bus shelter roofs and an expensive office refurbishment.”


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