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Councillor to introduce petition from Old Farm Park residents for 20 MPH limit on Boyce Crescent

Danesborough & Walton ward councillor, David Hopkins, will be introducing a petition at MKCC Full Council (Wednesday, 13th September) sponsored by and signed by residents of Boyce Crescent in Old Farm Park calling for a 20 MPH speed limit to be imposed on that busy local estate street.

Residents are concerned that the levels of traffic using the route have increased since the return from the Covid episode and that the route lends itself to traffic travelling considerably faster than the existing 30 MPH limit. Boyce Crescent is also the route for school children attending Wavendon Gate Primary School and Walton High travelling to school by bicycle and on foot.

Cllr Hopkins comments, ‘There is an emerging consensus locally that default speed limits across all parts of Old Farm Park, Browns Wood, Wavendon Gate and Caldecotte streets should be reduced from 30mph to 20mph in all its built-up and residential areas. The feeling is as well that as the new streets in the so called South East Milton Keynes expansion areas (east of Wavendon Gate and Old Farm Park) are designed in such a way as to comply to a default 20 MPH limit.

In effect, the maximum speed permitted on “restricted roads” should be 20mph.

There are multiple reasons why MK City Council should incorporate this policy, mainly focused around safety. Lowering the speed limit will reduce the number of collisions and severe injuries from them, as well as encourage people to walk and cycle instead of driving’.


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