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FriendsFest is coming back to Milton Keynes in 2021

The hugely popular FriendsFest is coming back to Milton Keynes this year with lots more amazing experiences for you to enjoy, bringing back those memories of yesteryear.

Willen Lake will play host to the FriendsFest experience under the cover of enormous tents.

Whether you want to play foosball at Joey and Chandler's apartment, visit Monica's apartment, grab a coffee at Central Perk whilst remembering the sounds of Phoebe's voice, pose with the Friends frame, or get ready to shout 'PIVOT' at every given opportunity, well, this is your chance!

We hope that by the time this event happens, Covid could well be q thing of the past but if not, the organisers are more than ready to keep the attraction safe for all visitors.

The event is taking place from 20th - 30th August and will be open 11am to 9.30pm.

Full details on FriendsFest can be found here and you can also grab your tickets before they sellout.


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