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Government plays pork-barrel politics with police

Reacting to the Government announcement of new funding for anti-social behaviour hotspot policing the Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for the Thames Valley, Tim Bearder, has said; “This is more pork-barrel politics from a Conservative Government out of ideas and out of road.

“While Rishi Sunak is trumpeting £1m for extra policing in the Thames Valley the truth is that his Conservative Thames Valley Police Commissioner is making £20m worth of cuts over the next two years.”

The National Chair of the Police Federation, Steve Hartshorn, has already reacted angrily to the dire police funding settlement for 2024/2025 saying: “It is extremely disappointing that the Government simply refuses to acknowledge the acute resource crunch our forces are facing and continues to handout short-term funding arrangements.”

The Liberal Democrats are clear that the Conservatives are doing the bare minimum to ensure that they get over the line at the next Police and Crime elections in two months time. By contrast the Lib Dems would provide a serious long term plan with a multi year funding settlement. These Tory sticking plasters lead to poor decisions and the kind of foolhardy waste that fails to tackle the root cause of the problems. No one is fooled. It’s time for change. 


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