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Green light given for major regeneration project

Milton Keynes Council has approved a funding package of almost £62m to deliver the city’s biggest and greenest regeneration project in the Lakes Estate.

Councillors agreed to allocate the funding at a Cabinet meeting this week as the Council also laid out its regeneration roadmap, which includes building more than 200 new affordable council homes in the Lakes Estate for residents of Serpentine Court.

Funding approval now means MK Council can begin the process of appointing contractors to deliver the regeneration scheme that local residents voted for in 2018.

Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, Cllr Emily Darlington said: “This is an incredibly important milestone in the project and should give residents the confidence that we will deliver what they asked for in the ballot. This is much more than just new homes, it’s about giving people a better quality of life and creating an environment they can bring their families up in where they can thrive and meet their true potential.

"I’d like to thank everyone on the Lakes Estate for the hard work they’ve put in and I look forward to continuing our work with the whole community to build a better neighbourhood for everyone.”

Chair of the Serpentine Court Steering Group (SCSG), Danielle Slaymaker said: “This is amazing news and means we can really start planning for the future. With everything that’s gone on over the past year we really needed this. We’ll continue working with the council to deliver the project and I’d encourage residents to get involved.”

Work on the first phase of the project which will see MK’s greenest homes built is expected to start next year. The Council is currently reviewing the timescales for the second phase of the project, which will include new community facilities for the wider Lakes Estate area, new shops and the demolition of Serpentine Court.


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