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Labour call on local Conservative deputy leader to apologise for wasting police time

Updated: May 21

Milton Keynes Labour Party has called on MK Conservative Cllr Peter Geary to apologise for wasting police time for making a spurious complaint to the police.

Last month, MK Conservatives made a formal complaint to the police after MK Labour highlighted that local Conservative Olney councillors and Conservative MP for MK North had failed to ensure funding to expand a local doctor’s surgery.


Cllr Geary, also acting as Conservative agent in the local elections, claimed that the story was untrue and reported it to the police. The Conservatives also released the story to the press ahead of the local elections.


However, Thames Valley Police have now ruled out any police investigation.


The Conservatives lost heavily in the recent elections, being reduced to just nine city councillors, and Cllr Geary has now been appointed MK Conservative Group Deputy Leader. MK Labour are calling for an apology from Cllr Geary for wasting police time.


A Labour Party spokesperson said:


“Cllr Geary should apologise for wasting police time with this very silly complaint. TVP have ruled out any investigation and Cllr Geary is responsible for our local police having to use valuable resources looking into this after his daft behaviour.”


They continued:


“The reality is that the MK Conservatives have let the people of Olney down. After almost 20 years of a Conservative MP and Conservative councillors in Olney, they’ve failed to secure any investment into GP services. Cllr Geary should be apologising for his failure as a local councillor too. He was obviously so ashamed of his record he felt the need to waste valuable police time rather than own up to his failures. It’s clear from their shambolic campaign that the MK Conservatives now only have a vague relationship with the truth and reality.”


The spokesperson concluded:


“The MK Conservative Group appointed Cllr Peter Geary as their Deputy Leader two weeks ago. If Cllr Geary doesn’t consider his position, I’m sure they may wish to reconsider.”


A Local Conservative Party Spokesperson said:

“Labour’s blatant lie and use of MK Council resources to play political games with local people's services reached the threshold of reporting the matter to the police. They should be apologising.”


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