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Local Business: Rapid Warm Roofs use offcut wood to help local charities in Milton Keynes

If you love a cosy warm fire and source your wood locally then please consider getting your next batch of wood from local business Rapid Warm Roofs.

The company offers bags of offcut wood to local residents in return for donations. The donations are then re-invested back into local community projects.

Rapid Warm Roofs are a company that not only sell roofing solutions, but they make it all in house too, bespoke to your needs. Their roofs are made of strong materials and with a first class finish, but most importantly they claim it to be the most insulated roof that can be used, which reduces the heat you would usually lose by 90%!

As with most product making businesses, the company end up having lots of spare offcuts that they can’t make use of, so instead of throwing them out they prefer to try and help raise money for local charity.

James Lancaster, Head of Sales & Marketing at Rapid Warm Roofs told us, ‘’It’s been a real challenge for businesses in general for the past year, but we didn’t want to stop supporting local charitable organisations. It’s great to know that the local community can benefit from what would otherwise be thrown away which then in turn financially rewards some of the great local organisations that surround us.’’

You can find Rapid Warm Roofs on Facebook by clicking here.

If you would like to make a donation in return for some offcut wood then contact the company through their facebook page or give them a call on 01908 377354.

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