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Local MPs Delighted As Conservative Government Provides £4.2 Million Boost To Help End Homelessness

The Conservative Government has boosted Iain Stewart MP and Ben Everitt MP's campaign to end homelessness in Milton Keynes by providing a further £4.2 million worth of funding for the next two years.

As part of the Homelessness Prevention Grant Milton Keynes will receive £2,082,830 in 2023/24 and £2,165,337 in 2024/25 to prevent more people from becoming homeless or sleeping rough in the city.

This follows a £321,034 boost announced just weeks ago to tackle homelessness this winter in Milton Keynes and is on top of significant funding provided over the last few years.

The ringfenced grant will be provided upfront each year and can be used flexibly by councils to deliver their homelessness and rough sleeping strategies - by offering financial support for people to find a new home, providing temporary accommodation, working with landlords to prevent evictions or other measures to prevent homelessness.

This will support local authorities to embed fully the Homelessness Reduction Act and prevent more people from becoming homeless or sleeping rough.

This funding includes £24 million to increase support to homeless domestic abuse victims following the Domestic Abuse Act 2021. This will help local authorities give priority need for accommodation to those who are homeless as a result of being a victim of domestic abuse, ensuring victims do not remain with their abuser for fear of not having a roof over their head.

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, said: "I am a passionate campaigner for ending homelessness and rough sleeping in Milton Keynes and I'm delighted that during my time as MP we have seen a reduction in homelessness across the city.

"This extra £4.2 million worth of funding is absolutely vital in ensuring we can support the most vulnerable people in society and shows this Conservative Government's commitment to our goal of making sure nobody is forced to sleep on the streets."

Iain Stewart, the MP for Milton Keynes South, added: "I welcome the news that this Conservative Government is providing £4.2 million of funding to tackle homelessness in Milton Keynes over the next two years.

"Whilst the funding is ring-fenced, I am pleased that the Council will have some flexibility in how to spend it and so provides the maximum impact."

Rishi Sunak, The Prime Minister, commented: "The Government is determined to end rough sleeping and tackle homelessness because for too many people, the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a warm and safe environment is beyond reach.

"We know that words alone are not enough. That is why government is investing £2 billion over the next 3 years to give some of the most vulnerable people a roof over their heads, along with targeted support to rebuild their lives.

"Today’s announcement will provide vital support to families who are at risk of rough sleeping, including by providing temporary accommodation and helping with deposits."


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