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Man jailed after being found in possession of machete – Milton Keynes

A man who was found in possession of a large machete in Milton Keynes has been sent to prison for eight months.

Luke Thomas, aged 23, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to one count of possession of an offensive weapon in a public place in a hearing at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court on 22 November.

He was remanded into custody and reappeared at the same court on Tuesday (13/12) where he was sentenced to prison and fined £187.

At just before 9.30pm on 20 November this year, Thomas was stopped and searched in Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey.

In the process of this search, officers located a large machete in a sheath tucked inside his jacket.

He was arrested at the scene and following an Operation Deter process, Thomas was charged and remanded to court the following day.

Sergeant Jon Holt, based at Milton Keynes police station, said: “This is a prime example of how Operation Deter is working in Milton Keynes.

“Thomas was arrested when found in possession of a machete and was charged and remanded to court, rather than being bailed.

“Following his guilty plea, the Magistrate remanded Thomas to prison ahead of sentencing, meaning that he was not back on the streets to pose any risk to our community.

“He will now serve a prison sentence as a result of his decision to carry this dangerous weapon.

“Thames Valley Police’s Operation Deter will continue to pursue those who carry such weapons, and our message is clear.

“If you carry a knife, you are highly likely to be arrested, charged, remanded, and dealt with by the courts.

“We will have no hesitation in seeking swift charges and remands for such offenders as we are committed to making our communities safer for law-abiding members of the public.”


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