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Milton Keynes MPs Delighted As Conservative Government ‘Puts Fans At The Heart Of Football’ With New Independent Football Regulator

Local MPs Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart are delighted the Conservative Government is 'putting fans at the heart of football' as it introduces legislation for the creation of an Independent Football Regulator in the Football Governance Bill.

The introduction of legislation to create the Independent Football Regulator follows a number of threats to the game that have arisen without fan consultation such as the creation of the European Super League.

That is why the Conservative Government is addressing the concerns of fans by creating an Independent Football Regulator which will be given comprehensive powers to work with clubs to improve their finances, create stronger tests for proposed club owners and safeguard clubs’ heritage by delivering greater fan representation in club decisions.

The Independent Football Regulator will oversee a new licensing regime for clubs in the top five tiers of English football. The regulator will follow an advocacy first approach but will have the power to revoke licences and impose fines where serious breaches occur.

The Conservative Government is sticking to its long-term plan for fans, making sure that their concerns are listened to, creating a brighter future for the game.

Iain Stewart, the MP for Milton Keynes South, said: “Football clubs are the lifeblood of communities across the country, just like MK Dons are here in Milton Keynes, with thousands of us turning out to support our local team each week.

“That is why I welcome that the Conservative government is ensuring that fans are better represented through the creation of the Independent Football Regulator which will bolster clubs’ financial security, protect the heritage of our clubs and represent fans at all levels.

“The Conservative Government is sticking to its long-term plan for fans, creating a brighter future for fans and our beloved local clubs.”

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “Football clubs like MK Dons not only do fantastic work in our local community here in Milton Keynes but they have also given opportunities and developed young managers and players including, most famously, Dele Alli.

"The Premier League has become the best league in the world because of the thriving Football League system so we need to protect all clubs in the football pyramid, like the Dons, and ensure England continues to be the best place to play and watch football.

"I've engaged with MK Dons on this since the Government's first announcement and know they were supportive of the plans and have already set out their own Supporters' Board to get fans more involved. This Conservative Government is putting fans at the heart of football."

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Football has long been one of our greatest sources of national pride. Up and down the country, it brings people together in celebration or commiseration.

“But for too long some clubs have been abused by unscrupulous owners who get away with financial mismanagement, which at worst can lead to complete collapse–as we saw in the upsetting cases of Bury and Macclesfield Town.

"This Bill is a historic moment for football fans–it will make sure their voices are front and centre, prevent a breakaway league, protect the financial sustainability of clubs, and protect the heritage of our clubs big and small.”


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