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Milton Keynes to welcome global AI Safety Summit

On 7 June, the Government announced that the UK was to host the first global summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the autumn.

The aim of the Summit is to bring together international government representatives, tech company CEOs and researchers to agree safety measures to evaluate and monitor the most significant risks from AI.

The Government is announcing today that historic Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes has been selected as the venue for a global AI Safety Summit and a date has been set for Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 November 2023.

Milton Keynes City Council Leader Pete Marland has responded by saying “Milton Keynes is the home of innovation, from the ground-breaking development of modern computing at Bletchley Park to our role today at the forefront of global growth in technology and AI.

“It’s fitting that the world’s first major summit on harnessing the power of AI safely should take place in a smart city like Milton Keynes”.

Thames Valley Police are currently working on the policing plan for the event, which will include any road closures. The council will be working closely with the police to support the summit and will provide guidance to local people and businesses about the impact of this significant event.

We expect to be able to make an announcement on Thursday 21 September to provide residents with more information and details.


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