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Missing Cat Reunited 4 Years Later - MK RSPCA

‘We'd like to tell you a story... A story that highlights the importance of microchipping and neutering!

Over the bank holiday weekend, RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks received a call about a

cat near McDonalds in Wolverton, who the public were concerned about. Two of their

volunteers headed out to assess the situation and trap the cat as they were not in a

particularly safe area. Within a few minutes, the cat went into the trap… they were very


At this point the volunteers scanned for a microchip... and found one. They made the call to the owner, where it turned out this cat had been missing for 4 YEARS!!! The owner Samantha, was absolutely over the moon and rushed over to the cattery to collect the cat,

who we learned is called Suki

Suki was found literally a few streets away from where her owned lived! It's stories like

these especially, that really do highlight the importance of microchipping... without that

microchip Suki would have likely never been reunited with her family. Microchipping is the

best way to reunite them if they go missing! With this to become law for cats from 13th June

2024, it is so important to book your cats and kittens in to be microchipped as soon as


Also, because Suki was neutered - she hadn't spent the past 4 years producing kittens or

creating a colony that could have had a serious consequences. She was microchipped, she

was neutered, and she is now back where she belongs with her family.

This also highlights why keeping an eye out for cats in the community is a really positive

thing to do, had it not been for a member of the public reporting Suki to us, she wouldn't

have been reunited.

We are so pleased for this happy ending and have already had an update that Suki has

settled back into home life really well, she's loving her cuddles and making up for lost time.’

Comments from branch representative Emma Hargreaves on this issue:

‘MK RSPCA cannot stress the importance of microchipping and neutering enough and do so

because it makes such a difference to animals’ lives. It prevents a huge amount of pain and

suffering. It does provide them with a better life. Local rescues are currently bursting at the

seams and kitten season has only just begun. We are facing the toughest time in the animal

welfare and rescue world than we have seen in years.

Our volunteers are currently workingaround the clock to help as many animals as possibly can, with numbers increasing week on week, it’s devastating to see. The only ones who can help change the course of this is humans, we are the only ones with the power to stop this needless suffering. All of this

starts with responsible pet ownership and ensuring animals are getting the basic care they


If you are struggling to afford the cost of neutering or microchipping, have found yourself in

an overwhelming situation or you just want some advice – please get in touch with us. We

are not here to judge, we are here to help and we want to.

You can contact us via phone on 01908 611179, email at or via our website RSPCA Milton Keynes & North Bucks | Animal Rescue.


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