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MK Council Fail to Step up to Fly-Tipping Challenge claim conservatives

Scrapping the tip booking system will have no place in the Labour-Liberal Democrat controlled MK Council’s plan to reduce fly-tipping in MK, despite a mammoth 1342 new incidents of fly-tipping recorded in the last 3 months.

At MK Council’s Cabinet meeting on 7 September, the coalition presented their ‘Fly-Tipping Action Plan’ aimed at reducing the record-levels of fly-tipping tainting MK over the past 12 months.

But the Conservatives called it a “missed opportunity” which includes “very little action” that can reduce fly-tipping incidents.

Cllr Rankine, Finance and Resources spokesperson for the Conservatives, said that the action plan included very basic things the Council should be doing anyway with “nothing” to suggest more prosecutions for fly-tipping would be made and that more needed to be done to increase enforcement for fly-tipping criminals.

MK Council’s statistics revealed that only 5 prosecutions were made in 2020/21 despite 5819 reports of fly-tipping recorded.

Cllr Rankine

Cllr Rankine added that the tip booking system was “the number 1 cause” of fly-tipping and that other councils, such as Fife and Lincolnshire, are now scrapping their booking system with restrictions removed.

Cllr Rankine, said:

“This is an action plan, that actually has very little action.

There are absolutely no excuses for fly-tipping but there needs to be easy access to tips and strong deterrents and punishments in place for fly-tipping criminals.

This action plan and this Council’s record provides neither and residents are paying the price for it.”


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