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MK Council spends £100,000 of taxpayers on money pothole compensation

Freedom of Information requests have shown that Milton Keynes Council has spent more than £100,000 settling compensation claims related to vehicle damage caused by potholes.

Two FOIs requests made by members of the public have highlighted in 2022/23 that £22,000 was lost and in 2021/2022 £82,000 was paid out. £100,000 is enough to fix 1,200 potholes.

Conservative Councillor and Transport Spokesperson Liam Andrews said:

“The consistent disregard for taxpayers money by our Labour-led Council is clear for all to see.

“We have called on the Council to take a more strategic approach to pothole repairs but we’ve seen no plan, and individual pothole repairs have fallen dramatically.

“The Conservative Government has committed an additional £25million for our roads over 10 years, on top of existing funding, but Labour seem to be wasting it.

“If the Council was more focused on getting the work done, residents wouldn’t have to go through the stress of getting their cars fixed and having to claim. And taxpayers money could actually be spent on the city’s priorities.”


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