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Prime Minister Slams MK’s Labour Council for Reckless Expansion Plans

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has slammed Labour-Led Milton Keynes Council for its plans to dramatically expand Milton Keynes with an unprecedented 63,000 additional homes.

His comments came on a visit to Nifty Lift in Shenley Wood last week. 

The controversial Labour plan has caused widespread concern in Milton Keynes, both in urban and rural communities. The so-called ‘New City Plan’ proposes 63,000 additional houses between now and 2050. That would mean MK builds at an even faster pace than it has been in the past decade.

The Prime Minister praised local Conservative candidates Ben Everitt and Johnny Luk for their efforts to oppose the plans.

The PM said: “Crucially, both [Ben and Johnny] will oppose the Labour Council’s plans to build 63,000 homes right here in Milton Keynes, doubling the size of the population without any thought for what that would do for the precious green spaces and without the right infrastructure.”

Ben Everitt, Conservative Candidate for MK North said: “MK’s Labour Council has done its best to erode everything we love about our home; lowering the speed limit on grid roads, no new underpasses, removing green spaces and showing no respect at all for our rural communities. I will do everything I can to protect our services and end Labour’s campaign to concrete over our countryside.”

Johnny Luk, Conservative Candidate for MK Central added: “Our city is already one of the fastest growing in the country. We simply can’t afford to build another 63,000 houses, it will cripple our infrastructure, schools and hospitals. If Labour get their way they will build copy and paste new estates that do not create places people want to live.”


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