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Progressive Alliance Committed to Doing the Essentials Well

MK’s Progressive Alliance has reaffirmed its commitment to doing the essentials well in its new Council Plan.

The new Progressive Alliance of MK Council announced its progressive Council Plan to deliver on progress for Milton Keynes in 5 key priority areas.

Doing the essentials well has been identified as a priority and the Alliance has set out its plans for achieving this.

Key commitments to get tough on fly-tipping with increased investment in enforcement, fixing an additional 7500 potholes to maintain a focus on having high standard roads and establishing a comprehensive programme of improvements to local areas will ensure that MK is running well for all residents.

Cllr Lauren Townsend, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Public Realm said:

“The new Progressive Alliance Council Plan has set out its ambitious, progressive plans for MK and its vital that alongside key work on our economic recovery, tackling inequalities and making MK greener, we continue to focus on delivering high quality essential services well, and this plan will enable us to do that”

Cllr Paul Trendall, Liberal Democrat Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Customer Services added:

“We’ve listened to what residents have told us about what essential services they value the most and are committed to making sure we are delivering them well for everyone in MK”


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