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Proposals for traffic calming measures on road near Bletchley school receive support

Proposals to introduce traffic calming measures on a busy road in Bletchley have received support from the local community and their Labour ward councillor.

Councillor Nigel Long (Bletchley Park Ward) has been working with residents and West Bletchley Parish Council to understand the best way to slow traffic along Newton Road.

Recently, Milton Keynes Council conducted a survey which found that there was a ‘high volume’ of traffic alongside many pedestrians around the nearby school St Thomas Aquinas.

The Council has now proposed to introduce two speed bumps between where St Mary’s Avenue joins Newton Road and the blind corner, opposite the Co-Op store 50 metres away. There are also potential plans to add double yellow lines on St Mary’s Avenue to ensure the junction’s visibility is clear.

Councillor Nigel Long said: “This stretch of road can be particularly dangerous around school pick up and drop off time, so it’s great to hear that there’s lots of support for the introduction of traffic calming measures. These speed bumps and double yellow lines would reduce the speed of traffic and ultimately make the area safer for everybody.”

An informal consultation was carried out last month, and the proposals are expected to proceed to the formal consultation stage. If approved, the changes could be put in place later this year.

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