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Residents’ joy as hourly bus service could return to Coffee Hall

Labour Press Release: An hourly bus service, which acts as a ‘lifeline’ for locals, could return to Coffee Hall following a lengthy campaign by residents, Woughton Community Council and their Labour ward councillors.

Coffee Hall residents have been without a bus service for around a year, after a private bus operator withdrew the service in 2021.

But £50,000 has been proposed as part of the Progressive Alliance budget to re-introduce a Monday to Saturday bus service that runs through the estate, re-connecting residents with other areas of the city.

Labour Ward Councillors Donna Fuller, Carole Baume and Amber McQuillan have echoed residents’ concerns over the past year, supporting a community-led campaign for a replacement bus service:

“We have spoken to dozens of people who felt isolated without a bus network through the estate, and we have worked hard alongside Woughton Community Council to voice their concerns. Woughton Community Council has been instrumental throughout this campaign, and we thank them for their help.

“The proposed bus service will act as a real lifeline for residents, as many do not drive and rely on public transport to travel across the city, so this is a much-welcomed announcement.”

Councillor Jenny Wilson-Marklew, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Public Transport, added:

“I am proud that the current administration has listened to residents by proposing £50,000 for a new bus service, as it is clear just how much it means to the people of Coffee Hall. I hope that all councillors will support these plans, so that we can get to work on launching the bus network as soon as possible.”

£50,000 for the ‘public transport contingency fund’ has been proposed as part of the 2022/23 budget and will be discussed at Full Council later this month.


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