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Shenley Brook End & Tattenhoe Parish Council acquires local community centre

Shenley Brook End & Tattenhoe Parish Council are pleased to announce that we have taken ownership of Shenley Brook End Community Centre (SBECC).

The centre, located on Egerton Gate near The Burnt Oak pub, is ideally situated for thousands of residents in the Shenleys, Furzton, Emerson Valley and beyond. Adding to our existing estate, the parish council now operates seven properties for community use.

The acquisition of SBECC from Milton Keynes City Council represents the latest in a series of transfers of community assets from the city to town and parish councils, meaning those sites can be directly managed by the communities which use them.

Just like the three buildings transferred to the parish in December 2021 – Westcroft Meeting Place, Westcroft Pavilion and North Furzton Pavilion – and the eight play areas we took over last year, we will be embarking on a calendar of improvements to bring our latest community centre up to parish standards.

Every penny we receive from room hire goes back into the facilities budget, which has allowed us to upgrade kitchens, toilets, floors & ceilings, doors & windows, outdoor areas, security and fire systems at each centre we have taken over.

We will be meeting with the businesses which already use SBECC to discuss our plans for the centre, understand the challenges they currently face with the building and where parish management can make the biggest impact.

We are also looking at how changes to the nearby trees, bushes and play park can make the entire area more inviting. We will keep residents updated on the improvements we make and any opportunities for members of the local community to get involved.

We would like to thank the officers at Milton Keynes City Council for their work in reaching this stage, and we look forward to realising the full potential of Shenley Brook End Community Centre to serve our parish and our city.

Shenley Brook End & Tattenhoe Parish Council, May 2023


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