‘Street Cleaning Army’ sweep the streets of MK

Two sisters have dedicated hours of their time to help clean up the streets of MK. They asked their Dad for a litter picker each so they could help to make a difference.

Dad Simon said, “This little mission, to do a pick every day until going back to school, was their idea, to help the environment and wildlife. I have chosen to post their work, not to proclaim how wonderful my kids are, but to inspire others into helping, and to shame those who are littering.

So far, 3 other litter pickers have been purchased by others, having seen the girls, and that is bloody brilliant, to think, 2 kids, picking up litter, has inspired others to do likewise.”

On one day alone, the girls collected 10 full sacks of rubbish between them and although it’s amazing the work these girls are doing, it’s a sad story to know that so many people are willing to litter the streets of the place we call home.

Dad Simon said, “All of the litter was picked within 1/2 a mile of our home, and there’s still plenty to do, sadly. Next time you crack your window down to throw a can or bottle or whatever out, just think, should children be so upset by your litter, that they have to clean it up after you?”

Well done girls and THANKYOU!