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Tattenhoe Ward Cllrs call for residents to attend consultation on new Shenley Park Development

Tattenhoe Ward councillors, Manish Verma, James Lancaster and Shazna Muzammil, are calling for all residents in Oxley Park, Kingsmead and surrounding areas of Tattenhoe to attend a consultation event this Wednesday for the new Shenley Park Development.

Shenley Park, a Crest Nicholson development, will include over 1200 homes and there are plans to extend the H6 Childs Way to form a new grid road over Kingsmead Green to meet the expansive development.

Cllr Verma, Muzammil and Lancaster said:

This is a critical opportunity for the residents to voice their opinions and provide valuable feedback, which will be taken into careful consideration by the developers. We believe that every resident's input counts towards our shared goal of protecting Kingsmead Green from being utilized as an access road, and whilst we can’t stop the overall development, we can make sure our collective voice is heard on this issue.

Your feedback will play an important role in shaping the future of our area, and we look forward to seeing you at the consultation.”

The consultation will take place at Jubilee Hall, Whaddon MK17 0LS at 4-8pm on Wednesday 24th May.


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