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The Howl Scream Park - A Night You WON'T Forget

Prepare for a night you won't forget as The Howl Scream Park returns on the 6th of October. Immerse yourself in dazzling special effects, atmospheric scenery, award-winning attractions, live music, sumptuous food, all encapsulated within a jubilant festival ambience.


  • THE FULL MOON MANOR - NEW FOR 2023 Descend into the ominous allure of our new scare factor 9 maze. Witness the chilling transformation of a once grand hotel. Encounter the mischievous bellboy and confront unsettling past residents.

  • HOWL VALLEY HIGH - AWARD WINNING MAZE Experience a sinister semester of scares. Encounter eerie students, teachers, and other staff members. Who will be crowned the horrifying Prom King and Queen? Navigate the eerie corridors, if you dare.

  • THE SHED Discover the dark secrets that lie within. Meet Chastity and the overprotective Pop. Beware of lurking dangers and always aim to escape the ominous shed.

  • TOPPERS TWISTER Traverse the haunting remnants of Mr. Topper's abandoned circus. Beware of the untamed clowns and the legacy of their twisted tricks.

  • RED Delve deep into the nightmarish realm of "Red". A perilous forest journey filled with terrors awaits you.

  • THE CIRCUS OF HORRORS Join the 27-year world touring sensation as it returns with "Voodoo". Experience an adrenaline-fueled circus ride with breathtaking acts and unforgettable performances. "Half Cirque Du Soleil if directed by Quentin Tarantino." A must-see for all ticket holders.

Tickets start from £18 - you cans availability and book online by clicking here.


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