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Three arrested following drugs warrants in Milton Keynes

Thames Valley Police have arrested three people in drugs warrants across Milton Keynes this morning.

Today (2/11) officers from Milton Keynes and Thames Valley Police’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit carried out three warrants across the city as part of an investigation into organised drug supply and serious violence.

Three people have been arrested for offences related to drug supply and money laundering.

Significant quantities of drugs and cash have been seized as well as phones believed to be used in running drug lines.

DCI Aidan Donohoe, Crime Manager for Milton Keynes, said: “We know that drug lines and supply are often linked to other crimes including serious violence and knife crime which all have a significant impact on those living and working in MK.

“Daily, we work with partners to disrupt and divert those caught up in the cycle of criminality linked to drugs but today’s action aims to target the more organised element of this. We are relentless in our pursuit of those involved in drugs supply; to arrest them, to seize their drugs and cash and present them to the court.

“We know that our communities want to see an end to violence in Milton Keynes just as we do and today’s activity demonstrates our commitment to this.”

DCI Zoe Hardy of the Specialist Operations Department, said: “Today’s warrants are the culmination of months of investigation into active drug lines and serious violence and I am pleased that we have been able to recover and remove a significant amount of illegal property and money believed to be gained through criminal means.

“Investigations like this rely on intelligence from our communities about drug supply and drug use. We may not be able to respond to those who tell us about what they are seeing or hearing, but warrants like these show that we do read every piece of intelligence that is submitted and use them to build a bigger picture and pattern of activity. Bringing all the intelligence together alongside our own investigations allows us to take considerable, long-term action against those who choose to deal drugs in our community.”

You can tell the police about drug supply or use in your area using our online form or by calling 101. If a crime is in progress then call 999.

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