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Waiting times at Milton Keynes University Hospital – Public update – March 2024

Waiting times for patients at have increased across the NHS and at Milton Keynes University Hospital, they are working hard to bring those waiting times down – making sure all patients are reviewed and seen as quickly as possible.

The Hospital have said, ''The Trust has seen an increase in demand for services following the Covid-19 pandemic fuelled by sustained local population growth, industrial action and changes in patient preferences and circumstances. Urgent referrals to the Trust have increased by approximately 80% since before the pandemic (2019/20), with weekly cancer referrals up by approximately 70% when compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Teams across the hospital continually review waiting lists and are working tirelessly to bring appointments forward where possible. Patients are seen and treated in order of clinical priority and we keep in regular contact with all those on our waiting lists.

Over the last few months, the Trust has made significant progress to reduce waiting times across all specialties with the introduction of various initiatives, including implementing dedicated elective surgery days for cancer and paediatrics, opening a new mobile theatre unit to increase clinical capacity and increasing diagnostic services, both on-site and in the community. These initiatives, as well as the continued support, commitment and dedication from all colleagues across the whole hospital, ensure our patients are safely seen and treated as quickly as possible.

For transparency and convenience, waiting times for all of our services are available on our website.''

Have you been affected by the recent increase in waiting times or have you received a good service lately?


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