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Who is Andrew Mahaddie and How Did He Shape Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre (MKCDC), home to an Archive and Reference Library, are delighted to announce the launch of The Mahaddie Collection.

MAH/02/03/021 – detail, showing owl bench design for round pond area, c.1975

Andrew Mahaddie was an urban planner with the Milton Keynes Development Corporation and advocate of the importance of urban design, the general overall view when designing towns and cities. Amidst the technical expertise of architects, engineers, planners, and other specialists, he maintained the overarching view that spaces should work for the people using them.

Mahaddie produced designs for features in Campbell Park, including a belvedere, glass bridge and round pond. He also produced concept drawings of people using linear parks, like the canal and Willen Lake, as well as drawings of the never-realised City Club concept.

You can now explore the career of Andrew ‘Bo’ Mahaddie, thanks to the new Archive Collection - click here.

Catherine McIntyre, MKCDC Archivist says:

“We’re thrilled to be able to make this collection more accessible to the public. Mahaddie’s designs and drawings for Milton Keynes epitomise the bold and ambitious approach the Milton Keynes Development Corporation took to building the new city and show the exceptional talent of those who undertook the work. They are a fantastic record of some of what was built and much of what was not.”

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