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Addressing Digital Poverty in MK as problem is on the rise

Local company, Thebes Group, addresses Digital Poverty in MK

Last week a City of London webinar entitled 'How to End Digital Poverty' took place. It was hosted by The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and attracted an audience of 400 people, making it one of the largest events ever organised by the WCIT.

Michael Hall is the CEO of Thebes Group, based in Milton Keynes and is a member of the WCIT and was Master of Ceremonies for the event. He says: "We in business all have a responsibility to enable those affected by actively seeking to help.”

Panel members, who were some of the UK’s leaders in finding solutions to Digital Poverty, emphasised that business had a major role to play and it was in their interest to bring this about.

There are around 7 million households with no access to the internet and 1.8 million children don’t have access to an internet device.

Helen Milner OBE and CEO of the Good Things Foundation, said, “Digital Poverty is embarrassing and not OK. Fixing it will boost the economy, improve health and well-being and level up opportunity.”

“All businesses need to put Digital Poverty on their CSR agenda.”

We at Thebes are already taking decisive action and are working with both the YMCA and MK ACT (Domestic Abuse Refuge) to address this dire situation immediately for the homeless in their temporary care. Laptops are desperately needed for schoolwork and looking for accommodation and for those seeking employment. We are happy to start by giving them cleaned equipment that we no longer use but overall, we all need to look towards a longer-term solution.

Michael Hall: CEO of Thebes Group

By all of us working together on a hyperlocal level we are certain that we, as a whole, can bring about monumental change. The webinar hosted by the WCIT was a 'Call to Arms' and a movement has now begun. I urge anybody reading this to also put Digital Poverty on the table and to join us in our quest to End Digital Poverty for good."

Regular, quarterly webinars concerning the issue of Digital Poverty will be taking place throughout 2021.

For businesses, organisations and individuals to get involved please follow the WCIT on LinkedIn for updates and event news and notifications.


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