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Atesh Venue,CMK, have hours reduced and conditions applied following licensing failures

In response to a Thames Valley Police Summary Review Application, MK Council has reinforced a suspension on the licence of a restaurant in Central Milton Keynes where a murder took place last year.

During a meeting earlier this week, the Licensing Sub-Committee curtailed the opening hours of the Atesh Grill and Restaurant located in Grafton Gate. The Committee also imposed a number of new conditions and continued the suspension of licensable activities until the council is satisfied that the premise management can comply with the conditions on the license.

Following the murder, Thames Valley Police gave evidence to the committee, highlighting poor management in relation to the incident, CCTV and inadequate outdoor lighting. The Committee then suspended the restaurant’s license with immediate effect on 4 January 2022.

The Committee has now decided to uphold its decision to suspend the license until the owners can bring the premises up to the necessary standards.

If the owners of Atesh are able to address the issues raised they will be allowed to reopen under the Committees’ new conditions. This includes that the premises cannot be hired out to third parties in the future and licensable activities must end no later than 00:00hrs during the week and 01:00hrs on weekends.


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