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Conservatives To Introduce Waste Amnesties To Tackle Fly-Tipping

Conservative Press Release: Residents in older estates that have been left behind by the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council will benefit from waste amnesties programmes to target fly-tipping hotspots, if the Conservatives take control of MK Council in May’s local elections.

Areas in Milton Keynes such as Stantonbury and Bletchley have been left to endure an increase in litter, rat infestations and fly-tipping.

Milton Keynes’ Report-It System, which collects information on the number of live reports of fly-tipping, shows that 123 incidents of fly-tipping are blighting those areas alone.

To tackle this problem, the Conservatives want to introduce waste amnesties.

This would include funding for skips, free bulky waste scheme for areas in need and a neighbourhood collection scheme whereby bulky waste amassed by multiple households in the same street will be free if collection is arranged at the same time, as part of the amnesty.

Additional funding for community-led litter-picking groups and extra grid road litter picks is also on the cards if the Conservatives take control of Milton Keynes Council in May’s local elections.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“If we take control of MK Council in May, there will be a comprehensive effort to show Milton Keynes some serious TLC.

Not only will we be going hard on litter and fly-tipping, but we will also focus on improving our roads, fixing road signs, planting more trees, and ridding residents of pest problems.

Waste amnesties have been successfully carried out elsewhere in the country and some of our Parish Councils have completed them with successful results, so we are determined to use it as a tool in our fight against fly-tippers.”


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