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Jubilee Beacon Lighting at Campbell Park

The Parks Trust are hosting a Jubilee Beacon Lighting event to mark the 70-year reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Join The Parks Trust from 8pm on Thursday 2nd June at the Milton Keynes Rose in Campbell Park for this special public event.

The Parks Trust Jubilee Beacon Lighting Ceremony is part of Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations which are taking place to commemorate 70 years of service to her country

As our Monarch Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reaches this unparalleled landmark in her reign it has been deemed appropriate to celebrate in a fitting and lasting way with the countrywide lighting of beacons. At exactly 9:45pm to coincide with lightings all across the world in a spectacular display, we will be lighting the Light Pyramid in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes.

The lighting will be one of over 1,500 similar events taking place at beacons across the UK and UK Overseas Territories.

The event includes a performance from Milton Keynes Brass, as well as a speech from Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Alexander Boswell.

Please note that there will be no public parking available at the event, parking available is at Centre:MK, from there you can walk over the bridge to the event.

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