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Local Hero Alert - Amazing Dedication shown to Willen Hospice by resident of MK

Marie keeps on making & giving in yearly efforts to raise money for Willen Hospice.

We came across this amazing lady on social media and we couldn’t help but share such a positive story.

Meet resident of Milton Keynes, Marie!

Every year, Marie buys 90 kg of seville oranges and she produces batches of home made marmalade.

Marie then takes her marmalade to Willen Hospice shops across Milton Keynes, donating all of the profits from sales, to help raise vital funds for the hospice.

Marie has been doing this year for years and we have been told it doesn't stop there. She also sells handmade cards that are popular within the community. Marie also gives her time by working within charity shops!

Marie, THANKYOU. You are certainly a local hero.

We love to highlight people within our community, championing the amazing work that goes on.

It’s very easy to let small acts of kindness go unnoticed but that’s why we are here, so please do help us to spread joy by sending your local hero stories in to us!

Well done Marie & thankyou for everything you have contributed to the community.


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