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Local Hero To Ride 1000 Miles in 10 Days for Charity Mind

Local man Matt Fretwell is hoping to raise money and awareness for charity Mind by riding 1000 miles in just 10 days.

Matt said, ''Many people struggle with mental health issues, and during difficult times the availability of support is most critical. Mind provide support for people during their vulnerable times, which is why I decided to fund raise for them.''

Lockdown was an extremely tough time for many people but many of us learnt to appreciate new things. Matt found a love for his bike and that's where the idea came from.

He said, ''After the first corona virus lock down restrictions had eased last year, my family and I started riding our bikes more and more. The more we rode, the more I wanted to just ride the bike, It became a bit of an addiction. I loved the thrilling speed of downhill sections and the competitiveness between other cyclists and myself.''

Taking more about why he was doing this challenge, Matt spoke about his personal experience with mental health.

''I felt, as I was in my final year at university at the time, that I had spent a lot of time thinking about myself, and how to improve my position at the time, which is only a natural response in the high stress situation that many students including myself find themselves in during the crunch of the final year. I wanted to help others and so i developed a plan to hopefully raise some money to improve the mental health situation here in the UK.''

So, if you can spare a donation, however big or small, then please click here.

Click here to find out more information on Mind BLMK

Good luck Matt, Milton Keynes is behind you!


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