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Milton Keynes man takes on three challenges in memory of 'three gems' lost to cancer

Suki Sandhu, from Milton Keynes, took part in the London Duathlon on Sunday, September 4, in aid of the charity Brain Tumour Research. He also ran 10km, cycled 44km, and ran a further 10km to finish in three hours and 27 minutes, an outstanding achievement, we're sure you'd agree.

Image: Brain Tumour Research

Suki said, ''Before the last few years, I knew very little about brain tumours or cancer and its impact. However, this changed when we sadly lost 3 family members (3 gems) to cancer over a period of 20 months. They were all amazing, young, family people with so much more to offer this world.

During this period I saw the lack of investment in research and treatment options available to patients impacted by brain tumours specifically GBM (Glioblastoma). Families had to research and fund so much of the consultancy and medicines to try and extend the lifespan of their loved ones. Even going abroad to bring back medicines which can only be found overseas. This was on top of the trauma of seeing loved ones deteriorate and caring for them 24 hours a day.

For this reason, I’d like to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research. They are trying to lobby the government to invest more in research to find a cure to extend the lifespan of people impacted by this awful disease.

Fact: Did you know only 1% of government cancer research funding goes to brain tumours and it's most likely to impact people under the age of 40! - Please help make a difference.

To build awareness and raise funding I plan to do 3 endurance challenges in honour of my 3 family members and with the hope that we can help future patients who may get diagnosed with this illness.

The 3 Challenges are:

London Duathlon (10K run + 40K cycle + 5k run) - 4th Sept


Pilgrimage Cycle from Golden Temple, Hamandir Sahib

(Punjab/India) to Nankana Sahib (Punjab/Pakistan) (160K Cycle) - November 2022

London Marathon (44K run) - 23rd April 2023

Here’s what the 3 gems meant to me:


Aman was my brother-in-law and just a teenager when I met my wife Jags. I saw him finish school, graduate, become an engineer, get married to the lovely Jasdip and became a proud father to the amazing little boy called Rajan.

What I loved most about Aman was his silliness (sometimes clumsy) and carefree attitude to life. He made everyone laugh, yet he also had a serious caring side for the family. I remember on his stag in Ibiza, we partied hard, but I had the honour of sharing a moment with him after a few days on the party island. He told me about how he envisaged living his life and what he wanted to achieve.

It makes me sad that at the young age of 36 the angels have took him from us, in Dec 2021. But I know he's looking down with a smile and guidance for Jasdip, Rajan, Mum, Dad, Anoop, Sonia, Jags and the family - RIP my brother x


Rani was married to my cousin Bal. I was only 18 when she came into the family and what an amazing woman. She was cheeky, intelligent, strong and a beautiful person inside and out. She was like the 'Princess Diana' of the family, loved by everyone.

Despite her diagnosis in 2015 she continued to be an inspiration to her daughters by becoming a Partner at her Solicitor's firm whilst fighting a long, hard battle with her cancer. She displayed sheer determination, discipline and drive to be there for her beautiful daughters Jashan and Jauvan until Aug 2021 when the angels took her.


Shindi was my cousin and honestly one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. He was a PHD graduate, passing with a first and a lecturer.

He was also one of those people who once he put his mind to something thing, he’d research it and then become the best at it. Some of the things I remember him mastering were kick-boxing (full combat), grappling, running marathons (in 3:30hrs) and teaching himself roofing after receiving a hefty quote for a house renovation - and credit to him, he literally put a roof over the head of his lovely family wife (Jas) and children Pavan and Gagan. He will also be missed for his funky dance moves at family events.

All 3 were real gems and will forever remain in our hearts.''

If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

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