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Mum Takes Children Around The World In 7 Days, In Lockdown

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We love to share positive local stories and this is one that we absolutely LOVE!

A Mum from Milton Keynes decided to take her children around the world to keep them entertained in lockdown and her travels are now being shared across the internet.

Mum of four Louise told us that she loves to do activities with the kids to help keep them engaged whilst also educating them culturally.

''I love a project, and plan full days of fun and activities for the kids to do, or us all to do together as family. The kids have struggled being stuck inside for so long.. so I decided to take them on a trip around the world, in 7 days.. we have been to USA, France and Italy, and tomorrow we are heading to South Africa.. we do fun activities, virtual tours, eat cuisine from that country and then I spend the evening photoshopping my four kids into various places around said country.''

You can check out Louise' blog by clicking here.

Below, we have included some of our favourite photos of her blog from across the world.

What a fantastic idea! Well done Louise, travel safely!


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