Octarine Films Announces BFI funding for the short film ASA to be filmed in Milton Keynes this summe

The short film ‘Asa’ has successfully received funding from the BFI Short Film Fund and will go into production in summer 2022.

Logline: A solo father discovers an unusual way to connect with his autistic child.

The film, based on a sensitive script written by local writer Michael Hallett is a heart-warming short film about the extraordinary love of parents towards children with disabilities.

Michael Hallett previously wrote the script for the Milton Keynes Film Network short noir thriller ‘Midsummer Boulevard’ in 2019.

Asa will be directed by local deaf Director Samuel Dore who directed and, in some cases,

wrote Chasing Cotton Clouds (2009), Supersonic (2014) and Reverberations (2019) for the BSL Zone as well as Midsummer Boulevard (2019) for the Milton Keynes Film Network and Freestyle (2021) that was broadcast on CBBC.

Davin Jeayes will produce Asa through his production company Octarine Films. Davin has run the Milton Keynes Film Network for the last 5 years and has been making films since 2009. He also produced ‘Roundabouts’ and ‘Midsummer Boulevard’ through the Milton Keynes Film Network.

Davin Jeayes said “The team are really excited to bring this beautiful script to the screen thanks to funding from the BFI. We hope the film will help put Milton Keynes on the map of great places to film in the UK.”

The team want to showcase Milton Keynes as a great location for filming and highlight it’s unique history and architecture.

Asa also aims to showcase the representation of disability through casting, and bring attention to Milton Keynes’ filmmaking talent and the city.