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Support offered to people struggling with rent and mortgages

Milton Keynes City Council is urging people to use its support if they’re struggling with paying rent or their mortgage.

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis has seen a spike in private rents and mortgage rates, with many people facing eviction. MK City Council has a range of help available for people struggling with these costs.

For people finding it hard to pay rent or facing eviction in the private sector, the city council can help them manage their debt and act an intermediary between the tenant and the landlord to prevent homelessness. Other support includes challenging illegal evictions and finding alternative properties if a resolution can’t be found.

Rising interest rates mean that many people are finding it challenging to pay their mortgages. In response, last year the city council launched its Homeowner Mortgage Interest Relief Fund to provide one-off allowances, giving people more time to secure their mortgages.

Anyone who needs support should visit the city council’s website.

“Rising rents and soaring mortgage rates have left many people facing the risk of losing their home. We know that homes are more than bricks and mortar – it’s our sanctuary where we live and nurture our families.

“While we can’t influence costs, we certainly can do our bit to give people a hand in their time of need. We’ve got a range of programmes to help prevent homelessness and I’d encourage anyone who is struggling to get in touch with us early as possible.”

- Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, Cllr Emily Darlington


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