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Travel with MK Connect in Milton Keynes

Changes are coming to buses in Milton Keynes, with MK Connect, a new demand-responsive transport (DRT) service.

MK Connect works like a minibus that comes when you want, where you want:

When you are ready to go, book a journey straight from your phone, tablet, computer, or by calling our contact centre. You’ll be picked up in minutes and dropped off steps from your destination.

Once you enter your pickup and dropoff addresses, we’ll provide you with a ‘virtual bus stop’ where you will meet your driver — usually a nearby corner 150-250 metres away. This helps minimise detours and keeps things moving quickly. You’ll also be able to follow your vehicle’s progress in real-time, so you know exactly when to meet your driver.

If there is an option to travel by a local scheduled bus, we will offer this option to you instead.

Passengers with a wheelchair or disability will always be matched with a fully accessible vehicle, and the service is accessible to passengers with vision and hearing impairments, as well as those with additional needs.

Services are available Monday-Saturday 6am-11pm, Sunday 9am-6pm, across the entire borough.

£3.50 during peak hours (7am-9am, 4.30pm-6.30pm), £2.50 at all other times.

£1 for All in 1 MK cardholders.

Free for Older Person’s and Disabled Person’s bus pass holders after 9.30am on weekdays and free all day on weekends.

Contact information.

Booking line: 01908 252526

Customer service:


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