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Two Milton Keynes Not-For-Profit Organisations reached NatWests ‘Life’s a Pitch’ Competition Final

By 30th November 2020, 758 profitable and not-for-profit organisations nationwide submitted their 60 second pitch to NatWest to be in with a chance to win £10,000 for their business. 758 people were then cut down to 125 organisations to reach the semi finals, which included Harry’s Rainbow, YiS, St Marks Meals Br and MK Charities.

On Jan 8th the judges made their decision on which 25 organisations went through to the finals, and throughout all national contestants, TWO Milton Keynes organisations got the email ‘congratulations on making the top 25!’; MK Charities and St Marks Meals.

Here’s how they got on.

St Marks Meals made it to the top 6, Angie Row advised: "We had just one minute to communicate just how big the problem of child food poverty is in Milton Keynes and across the UK and how we provide Meal boxes to schools so that no child has to go to bed hungry. So Rach and I spent a morning in a freezing car park in November filming our first pitch for the Natwest video entry. We didn't think we'd get shortlisted, let alone into the final. We were pleased, yet terrified that we did. Thank goodness my internet connection stayed stable as I had to pitch why we do what we do in 60 seconds. We're pretty chuffed to have finished in the top 6 out of 750 entrants, whilst we didn't win the grand prize, we have got some coaching help now so for the next 6 months we can grow even more and make what we do even better. The feedback we had from the panel was that they were impressed that each box is a self contained meal equipment kit with a recipe card, so families in emergency need for food, don't have to figure out what to do with the ingredients, all of the instructions are there."

MK Charities made it to the top 25, Charlotte Moyle advised: “We finished in the top 25!? This is such a huge achievement for us! We were founded at the beginning of July 2020 with no thought of ever being able to say in our first year that we made it to the finals of a national competition. 60 seconds! That’s all you have to advise the work we do for our local Milton Keynes Charities. So, we didn’t win, but we have grown hugely as an organisation thanks to this competition we have had positive opportunities come our way and knowing that one of our charities made it to the top 6 is amazing, we are so pleased for St Marks Meals and would like to say a huge well done to everyone who entered this competition. Doing a 60-second pitch is daunting, and you should all be proud even getting yourself out there, I know for most of the charities who entered, they were like us and had never done a pitch and/or some not ever been on camera.”

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