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Willen Hospice Spend £46k A Year As Fly Tippers Pile Up Rubbish

Willen Hospice have taken too Facebook to let the public know that they are forced to spend £46,000 a year on clearing rubbish and items where instructions haven't been followed.

They said, ''We are saddened that this is the scale of the fly tipping we are faced with most days in Bletchley alone. Did you know that it costs Willen Hospice around £46k a year to dispose of things that are damaged or unsaleable? That’s an enormous amount of money that could be better spent caring for our patients and their families. We’d be grateful if you could help us to spread the word that if our shops are closed, items should not be left outside.

Please STOP. If you are reading this and you fly tip. STOP. Do not use a local charities skips to dispose of your rubbish. Do not leave rubbish in their car parks forcing them to clear it themselves, costing thousands of pounds that could be spent on caring for our loved ones.

If a shop is closed and you want to make a donation, please do not leave it on the doorstep. Wait until the shop re-opens and then speak to a member of the staff to make sure they have the capacity to take in the goods you are wishing to donate.


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